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The calculators contained in this site are for your entertainment and general knowledge only. We went to great lengths to try to make the calculations as accurate as possible however your actual calculations will be the ones that are computed by the lender. Keep in mind that the calculations you will get back are only as good as the accuracy of the information you put in. The information you put in is not being recorded, saved, or used other than for your own personal use.


The Affordability Calculator


With this calculator you will be able to enter as much data as you want and the calculator will respond to the information and let you see the maximum price of a house that you can afford based on your income and debt. Things you should know to use this calculator are:


Buy vs. Rent


This calculator will give you a comparison between renting or purchasing a home. Information you can enter for this calculator:


Monthly Payment


This calculator will answer the question " What will my monthly payment be "? Information you will be asked:


Mortgage Amortization Chart


This calculator will give you a month to month amortization chart. Needed information to run this calculator: